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I express my gratitude to members of the media for working with us during a time of such unprecedented opportunity for many countries and industries. With AI, it was common for change resistors to focus on unfounded fears of job losses and the impact of technology. However, through education, transparency and research, are we able to bring about lasting change, sharing the benefits technology can bring to humanity.

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Murray Newlands deserves much credit since he really took his time to understand more about Chatbots and the immense benefits it can bring to businesses. On 22 December 2017 he published the following article:

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On Tuesday, 09 April 2019, my interview with The Brussels Times was published. We discussed various benefits, challenges, and opportunities related to artificial intelligence and chatbots. The European perspective was demonstrated with the example of France. We also focused on how technology reduces our carbon footprint – so it is better for the environment, as well as combating issues of cybersecurity and fraud. Tax implications were also discussed.

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Both myself and Henri, my brother and CEO of SnatchBot, were delighted to speak to Adriaan Brits, who writes for Jpost and multiple outlets. He looked covered the chatbot revolution and it’s impact on Banking, Finance and several industries.

(Read the full article here: Avi Ben Ezra on Jpost) - How AI is helping hospitality and hotels quoted me during a turbulent time when hotels were starting to lose out to Airbnb. I explained how hotels can make their way back to being competitive – and how AI and chatbots can help to do just that.

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On April 24th, I collaborated with Newstrail to release a much-expected piece of information on how armies around the world are now using chatbots. At SnatchBot, we feel privileged that so many governments are now working with us on multiple levels – and appreciate diplomats coming forward to take us up on our capabilities.

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On April 9th, 2019, We met with to discuss the rate of change in AI. Here, I was able to help industries appreciate – by means of good examples, at what pace they need to move to remain competitive. We also touched on the immense opportunity to reduce credit card fraud and cyberextortion – and how chatbots helped call centers to kick out sophisticated mafias that infiltrated the workplace.

(Read the full article here – Avi Ben Ezra with SocialMediaExplorer) - The state of Chatbots in Europe sought to share the context of chatbots in Europe, something that we at SnatchBot could do quite well given our exposure to various countries. Some of our pioneering work in Europe is discussed here.

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Irishtimes - Chatbots revolutionizing communication

IrishTimes helped us to bring our expertise to Ireland, a country where we have many excellent associates and like-minded professionals.

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I am grateful to and John Koetsier for an interview of which the content was widely discussed in our industry.

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As we continue to share good news about our industry with the world, I invite other members of the media to reach me here:

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