Monday , May 25 2020

"We envisage a future where every industry and sector will become more efficient than ever before, where humans and bots collaborate seamlessly, where AI is leveraged for the better of humanity"
(Avi Ben Ezra, CTO, SnatchBot)

Ideas worth sharing

How can a Facebook messenger chatbot benefit businesses?

The motto of any successful omni-channel operation, is certainly “to be where consumers are”. It is also to be available at whichever time customers want to reach out. But there are various other advantages when you are able to respond to Facebook messenger quickly. There is a clear process involved …

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Creating your own Facebook messenger chatbot

Avi Ben Ezra

The very idea that multi-channel communications can be automated in a way that we as humans program bots to do the job better than us, sounded far-fetched some years ago. Well, today I keep observing how more companies embrace our technology to run their Facebook messenger responses 24/7 in almost …

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