Monday , May 25 2020

"We envisage a future where every industry and sector will become more efficient than ever before, where humans and bots collaborate seamlessly, where AI is leveraged for the better of humanity"
(Avi Ben Ezra, CTO, SnatchBot)

Ideas worth sharing

Chatbots for insomnia: A contribution to healthcare?

As a major contributor to the healthcare sector, SnatchBot is always scanning the horizon for innovative solutions in this sector. We then tell bot developers so they can pursue these opportunities to help improve the word. An interesting development in the industry on which I’d love to comment about is …

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Beyond customer care: chatbots and sales funnels

As our knowledge increases, thanks to deep learning and AI, the science of conversions as well as other elements that increase the relationship of brands with customers, chatbots progressed well beyond mere customer care. They now enhance the sales funnel in ways never seen before, which I’d love to discuss …

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Chatbot platforms that actually increase conversions

At SnatchBot, one of the KPI’s we are intensely focused on is human VS chatbot performance. Naturally things like ROI, customer satisfaction and conversion rates matter. Some of our clients run a pay per click budget of close to $650 000 per month and would never have embraced chatbots and …

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