Wednesday , October 4 2023

"We envisage a future where every industry and sector will become more efficient than ever before, where humans and bots collaborate seamlessly, where AI is leveraged for the better of humanity"
(Avi Ben Ezra, CTO, SnatchBot)

Ideas worth sharing

How Can RPA Be Used to Improve Healthcare?

RPA Business

Today I’d like to reflect on the immense benefits that RPA brings to the health sector: something that every tax-payer should know about. People always ask what is RPA, and in what way can it benefit the healthcare sector? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that carries out simple or …

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How to Make Chatbots That Improve Customer Satisfaction

Chatbot performance can effectively be developed to improve customer satisfaction. We already know much about chatbots that convert better, but what about the ultimate KPI – customer satisfaction? Importance of escalation paths Chatbots are quick to answer routine questions and they offer first-rate value to any enterprise. However, the option …

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Chatbots and automatic speech recognition engines

The efficiency of NLP engines A lot can be accomplished with NLP because the technology is able to match one field or task to a synonym but it is also able to match a pattern to a different field or task. Priority is given to the pattern match and this …

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