Wednesday , October 4 2023


The opportunity to experience synergistic relationships with others around the world always leads to greater things when pursued. Over the past few years I have invested in several companies where we experienced just that.

Investment Philosophy:

Entrepreneurs may call us “angel investors” but really, the fact is
we all have a chance to touch the lives of others in a unique way. We do this by bringing value to users all throughout the value chain. By making the world a better place in the way we apply our skills, knowledge and human network – we all play a special role.

Investments that do not put profit ahead of the environment, where sustainability and profit is well balanced, became my renewed focus.

Below are some of my current investment success stories:

Snatch Group Limited - SnatchBot

I am a major stakeholder in Snatch Group Limited, through which I own 50% of the SnatchBot platform. (

Snatch Communications Limited

I own 100 % of the company Snatch Communications Limited. It can be best explained as a cloud company – much akin to AWS and other players. 

SnatchApp Limited

I own 40% of the company SnatchApp Limited. This can be best summarized as a secure and encrypted messaging platform.

TheChatBot - A Chatbot magazine

I own 80% of a Chatbot magazine – now as The ChatBot.

ASB Group: Real Estate

I own several companies in Real estate, (ASB Group) focused on High tech offices and workspace. 

Tata communications Israel

I participate at a high level in Tata communications Israel. 

Tata computers limited

I participate at a high level in Tata computers limited. - cloud based accountant software

I own 33% of the project This is an exciting, fast-growing cloud based software for accountants.

A to Z sales funnel automation - a inter agency project

I am partnering with Adriaan Brits ( to deliver the first ever complete funnel automation system that the marketing world has ever seen. This is a venture between marketing automation PPC advertising specialists and our Chatbot platform, where the entire digital advertising experience is integrated with customer care and payment processing. This is the future of conversion optimization, where bots are working alongside humans at a higher level, for improved results. Adriaan Brits is a Linkedin learning instructor of advanced analytics & PPC. Several digital advertising agencies are involved worldwide. 

Below are some of my past investment success stories:

HGT Telecom - France

I owned the French operator  HGT Telecom – with licence L33-1 and L33-2 issued by the French telecommunications ministry. This was a rather substantial company and we were the first to bring and offer the IP Centrex in French. At the time I raised 1.5 M Euros from the fund Global Gestion in French after few months of work and sold the company to

Key points:

HGT Company (Phone Operator Company) 2005-2010 Paris, France
o Founder and CTO
o Responsible for all the technological activities
o Phone Operator Company operating L 33-1 License
o USD 1,5 Million raised after 6 months of activity
o Exit: 170 Million


I owned the Financial holding company : COFIRAP , in French ( Companie financière Raphael), this holding company we’re investing in the Telecom sector.

COFIRAP (Asset Management Company) 2007-2014 Tel Aviv, Israel
o Chief Executive Officer
o Financing & Investing in compelling Media Companies
o Portfolio AUM: USD 150 Million
o CAGR: 23%

London Telecom Exchange

I Built the full network and architecture and was cofounder of the English company : London Telecom Exchange