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How can a Facebook messenger chatbot benefit businesses?

The motto of any successful omni-channel operation, is certainly “to be where consumers are”. It is also to be available at whichever time customers want to reach out. But there are various other advantages when you are able to respond to Facebook messenger quickly. There is a clear process involved in setting up the right technology. All this we will discuss below:

The amazing power of Facebook

Millions of people already rely on Facebook daily for information. This is why making use of autoresponders can significantly improve direct engagement between business and customer. One of the options available is to remarket to customers who have ad campaigns embedded in their news feeds. This is even possible for those people who haven’t liked your Facebook page yet. There are substantial benefits for those businesses who are proactive and who initiate conversations with customers. This will eliminate time wasting which is the normal result when businesses wait for customers to approach them. All of this is possible when businesses make effective use of Facebook. It is entirely possible to load phone numbers and email addresses into your custom Facebook audiences directly from your subscriber list. It should only be remembered that Facebook charges a fee for the use of this service but that is only to discourage spam. It is entirely possible to send a message directly from your own page to your target audience. The only disadvantage may be when an old customer log into their Facebook account by using an unknown email address which is not in your current list. In that event, Facebook will not be able to match that information with the data which is in your subscriber list.

The chatbot creation process

Businesses have many tools available today such as OnSequel, Chatfuel, and Botsify. Anyone of these tools will make it possible to create a sophisticated chatbot without the need for any complicated programming skills. It is entirely possible to create a free chatbot which will be based on a preselected menu system. This will provide visitors with a range of options on which they can click. This will then guide the visitor through the menus which have been built into your chatbot. It will be helpful to understand something about the process before proceeding with the creation of your chatbot. You will encounter many interesting features many of whom you may not understand. You’ll encounter terms such as blocks. A block is simply something which contains one or more messages also referred to as cards. Several of these cards can be delivered simultaneously within that single block. It is possible for users to add a button to the bottom of such a card. This can be used to provide users with a phone number which can then be called. Alternatively, they can be provided with a URL which will direct them to your profile. Such a link might also open a new block which may contain one or more cards.

There are several unique card options

The available cards are for things such as a plug-in, text card, gallery or image. When people receive a gallery card this is something which might have many images. Each of these will have a subtitle, a heading, an URL, a quick reply or buttons. If a specific card has a quick reply this is simply an additional card which can be used as a prompt which will supply users with additional information. This is useful if a user is not certain how to proceed as far as your specific sequence of automated messages is concerned. As far as a text card is concerned this will provide the option of a quick reply, a place for text or buttons. The image card will have an image included and will make provision for the quick reply. The plugin card will provide integration options which can allow people to read your blog or to subscribe to it.

The welcome message

The default welcome message to your page will be on a text card. This will actually be the very first thing which any user will see when they arrive on your messenger page. Once again the user has several options. You may choose to keep this text card; you might also choose to add another to this one even one containing an image. Alternatively, the user can use one of the many other options such as a plugin or a gallery. Users must ensure that they enter the features of the card which they have decided on.


What is so special about an instant response 24/7 via messenger? A little secret is that many consumers who are dissatisfied, take to Facebook – and you may be lucky enough that they contact the business before sharing a bad experience. Well, if they had to wait 2 days for a follow-up, I guess the bad press will still go ahead. With instant responses, we buy time and initiate a process in the relationship that really matters to the customer – whey they want their voice to be heard.

There are so many options available to innovative businesses. When making use of cards it is a good idea to add buttons to that card which will allow users to click on them. This will then allow them to progress to the next available action. Some of the options which may be available are to open a new block, visit a URL or to call a provided phone number. When all of these things are done correctly there can be no doubt that the benefits to your business might be substantial. Conversion rates may be considerably higher and this will also apply to the profits which are generated by your business.

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