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Creating your own Facebook messenger chatbot

The very idea that multi-channel communications can be automated in a way that we as humans program bots to do the job better than us, sounded far-fetched some years ago. Well, today I keep observing how more companies embrace our technology to run their Facebook messenger responses 24/7 in almost every language you may have heard of. It gives me immense pleasure and gratitude to be a part of all this so let’s share a few thoughts on this:

Facebook Chatbot

Utilizing a popular platform

There are many businesses who have already benefited tremendously from their involvement with Facebook messenger. The success stories which is shared are resulting in an increasing number of businesses who are also anxious to do a lot more of their business by making more effective use of Facebook messenger. They are especially interested in how such a chatbot can help them to increase their marketing success and also to provide a high level of customer service. There are many things which can be made possible by Facebook messenger chatbots that can be extremely beneficial to businesses. It is entirely possible to make use of your chatbot in order to provide your supporters with suitable answers to all of those frequently asked questions. Naturally, the question now is how exactly does one go about to set up a Facebook messenger chatbot for your particular kind of business.

What exactly are the benefits of a Facebook messenger chatbot?

For some time now Facebook has been allowing people to install messenger chatbots on their business pages. This is making it possible for businesses to have an automated conversation with all of those people who visit your Facebook messenger page. Because of chatbot implementation, visitors will now be presented with a series of keywords guides and many other things which will help them to take the next step. Your chatbots will use the direct approach which will eliminate senseless requests especially those which have little chance of resulting in sales. This will save a lot of money and resources. Making use of a chatbot is simply a more effective way to allow interaction between the customer and your business. A whole range of things can be done in this way such as to get directions, purchase tickets for some event, ask an important question, set up an appointment or to look at a menu.

The chatbot responds to keywords

Your Facebook messenger chatbot will carefully look at all those keywords which are used by users in the chat line. This will provide the chatbot with some indication of what people are searching for. This is providing businesses with a long list of options. If you have a business which is part of the grocery and agricultural industry, then you might have the names of some vegetables programmed into your chatbot. Whenever one of those names is included in a keyword search your chatbot will immediately proceed to provide the user with information that relates to that keyword. It is entirely possible to have a chatbot which has been programmed with certain triggers which will be defined based on research data. This can help your chatbot to respond to those keyword searches with suitable information options which can then be selected by the visitor. This can help to quickly narrow down the options resulting in a very quick solution for that visitor. A very effective strategy is to make use of a simple menu-based bot as well as an AI component. Any time when someone clicks on the message button on their own page this will result in a Facebook messenger window which will open.

This can lead to other actions

Whenever those keywords are typed into the search space that page will present visitors with several options which they can choose. There may be several interesting things for visitors to choose from such as to sign up for some service. In that event all they need to do is to click on yes or that is true and naturally, if they do not want the service they will click on no or no thank you. This will mostly result in a second menu depending on the answer which has been provided. Those visitors who decide to proceed will be taken to a page where it is possible to manage subscriptions. There might also be a whole list of other chatbot commands which may lead to further interaction. Whenever a visitor types any message into the provided text box instead of making use of the provided menu items, the chatbot may respond with a list of additional keywords which can be used by the visitor.


Chatbots can bring competitive advantage to businesses of all sizes. The importance of this is simple: running a business today is most definitely not a simple endeavor and neither is it easy. According to statistics over 50% of new businesses will fail within the first two years. This is why a business will have to make use of every possible technology which is available today. This is the only way to remain competitive in a very difficult business environment. Every business that we can help to gain a leading edge in an industry – is certainly a win for SnatchBot.

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