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How chatbots are powering IT helpdesks

“It is all about better end-user support and achieving the perfect balance between bot and human collaboration at work, in such a way that it is cost-efficient and leads to better customer satisfaction”.

There have been tremendous improvements in the technology surrounding artificial intelligence. Where artificial intelligence and chatbots were properly implemented the result was better end-user support. This is especially the case where it relates to help desk requests which were received from the consumer.

We continue to shed light on the facts – education is an ongoing process:

Even after all of the good news regarding artificial intelligence and chatbots, there are still many people who are skeptical. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the earlier chatbots were very suspect and many people simply could not see the potential which was so widely advertised by chatbot designers and manufacturers.

Fortunately, the latest technologies have been able to solve many of the early problems resulting in chatbots which are increasingly humanlike and extremely smart. Because of this innovation and improvisation, we are now seeing that chatbots are becoming extremely popular with many people and especially businesses and corporations.

Statistics show that within the next 12 months at least half of all medium to large corporations will be making use of chatbots. One of the industries which seem to especially benefit from AI-powered chatbots is IT help desks. There are already many tasks which are handled very effectively by chatbots and the question now is what else could be accomplished by chatbots.

A close look at the modern IT helpdesk

The IT help desk is one of the most important facets of any IT department. This is the one area which will be most visible to consumers during their interaction with an IT company. Anything which has to do with troubleshooting, onboarding, offboarding, technical requests and troubleshooting are things which are always handled by the IT helpdesk. Anyone familiar with this industry will know that most customers used to have several different ways when engaging with my IT helpdesk. They could approach the IT helpdesk in person, send an email, phone the helpdesk and several other things were possible. Recently, however, most IT departments are making use of consolidation and streamlining as far as customer engagement is concerned. This allows them to more effectively use modern technologies and those systems which are most likely to be used by a younger generation. It is also widely acknowledged that many of the latest methods as far as customer engagement is concerned is more effective especially when it comes to automated tasks and self-service. As things are now the traditional way of engaging with help desks such as by phone, email or personal contact is simply no longer how things are done.

Everything is more efficient and cost-effective because of AI technologies

Artificial intelligence entities such as chatbots can be integrated into chat systems and into websites. This is the easy part of the process requiring very little interaction on the part of the business owner. Now, however, it will be important to sit down and brainstorm which of the tasks currently handled by humans can now be performed by chatbots. In order to make that decision, it will be very important to carefully analyze the current functions of the IT helpdesk and identify those tasks which are repetitive. When it comes to an IT helpdesk or any other customer care center there are many questions which can be very similar and this is things which can be easily handled by chatbots. When you have 100 customers who are repeatedly asking the same questions this can become extremely tedious and boring. Everything changes when a chatbot is programmed to handle all those questions. They will perform that task tirelessly and very efficiently day in and day out without ever missing a step.

Yes, there are still limitations                                          

At this point in time, even the most sophisticated chatbot platforms are still very limited as far as the tasks which they can perform is concerned. This is why a chatbot should be programmed in such a way that it is able to hand the consumer over to a human agent when necessary. A properly programmed chatbot can be used very effectively to provide training to customers on new services and IT applications. It is a relatively simple process to program all of the relevant information into that chatbot which will then allow them to educate the consumer providing them with advice on how to use various applications. The chatbot will be more than able to answer most of the questions regarding things which may be of interest to end-users. When one sees how far artificial intelligence has come in a relatively short time then it is surprising that so many businesses have not yet implemented these technologies into their operation. One by one we will be helping them over the next few months.

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