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Chatbots that provide legal services: Disrupting every industry

The automation of legal services shows that we’re capable of disrupting – and making a positive impact, on any industry.

Available artificial intelligence and chatbots are now paving the way for lawyers to automate many of their currently available legal services. It was actually governments in Europe who started with this before private law firms responded in kind: I say we’re here to help both create a better world.

The chatbot platform I want to talk about today is known as Josef. This enables lawyers to create chatbots that can handle lawyer-client conversations. These chatbots will also be able to draft legal documents as well as provide advice and legal guidance to consumers. This can allow lawyers across the planet to save a lot of time by delegating the majority of their repetitive work to chatbots. Because of this option, they are now able to focus on more important matters. This provides many benefits to the legal industry because Josef is laying the groundwork to make legal services more accessible. The Josef platform makes it very easy for lawyers to create bots which will be very popular with clients. It will be necessary to determine which questions are most likely to be asked by people seeking legal counsel. Then it will be important to formulate answers which will be able to provide consumers with the information which they are seeking. As far as legal documents are concerned this also can be handled by chatbots. Within a short time, it is possible to launch your bot and it will be ready to serve your clients anywhere and also any time of the day or night.

Technology provides so many options

Making use of a chatbot will allow a legal practice to save a lot of time and money. It also makes it possible to improve the experience of the client and allows lawyers to focus on truly important matters. Many legal practices all across the planet have already started to experiment with the Josef platform. This has resulted in many improvements in both small and large practices. The Josef platform is suitable for any kind of legal practice. The technology is extremely easy to use allowing legal practices to quickly create their legal bots. Everything from start to finish can be accomplished without the need for any coding experience. Legal bots can be programmed to answer frequently asked questions, they can even handle client interviews. They can also be programmed to have the ability to generate a whole range of personalized documents which includes legal letters and a variety of legal agreements. Such a legal bot can provide clients with instant information and advice on many commonly encountered problems. As time goes on some things may need to be changed and the good news is by using the Josef platform it is very easy to update and adapt your bot so that it can better serve your legal practice.

Why was the Josef platform created?

The primary objective of the Josef platform is to make the law more accessible for every person. The Josef platform wants to ensure that lawyers and their clients have access to legal services any time of the day or night. There are unfortunately still many people who do not have access to the law. According to statistics, more than 50% of the people in the US, Australia, and the UK who are facing legal problems will not be able to see a lawyer. This is why the Josef platform was an initiative by a group of lawyers which is made available to all lawyers in order to allow them to make expert legal knowledge more accessible to all people. Furthermore, because of the Josef platform, it is now possible to create legal bots which are able to do most of the repetitive work. These bots are able to engage with clients allowing lawyers to focus on the important cases.

There are also other initiatives

Extensive testing as far as legal chatbots are concerned is also done by LexisNexis which has established itself as one of the largest legal research providers in the US. The objective of LexisNexis is to provide users with better access to legal services. They are already experimenting with an internal chatbot which is able to answer consumer questions. This bot may either provide a straight answer or it might provide an answer according to what it assumes to be what you’re looking for. It can also assist the consumer in filtering the results in order to narrow down those things which interest the consumer. This can lead to widely varying questions which can nevertheless provide the bot with useful information. This allows the bot to ask many clarifying questions based on that data. The reality is, the technology is there and it is available. Chatbots have the ability to accomplish amazing feats and within a couple of years’ legal bots will be encountered in many places on the planet.

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