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Chatbots for insomnia: A contribution to healthcare?

As a major contributor to the healthcare sector, SnatchBot is always scanning the horizon for innovative solutions in this sector. We then tell bot developers so they can pursue these opportunities to help improve the word. An interesting development in the industry on which I’d love to comment about is how the Insomnobot-3000 can help people around the world to better deal with “all those sleepless nights”


There are millions of people who are struggling to sleep. But even the sleep they do get can be of little value. Research tells us that sufficient sleep is important to cope with the pressures of our daily life. However, it is also known that quality of sleep is better than quantity sleep. Extensive research has already been done in this area. There is, therefore, a lot which is known about sleep patterns and the reasons why people struggle to sleep. People are under increasing pressure and there so much which occupies our minds. This is why it can be very difficult to switch off at night. Even when people do eventually fall asleep, that quality of sleep is simply not sufficient. It is apparently possible to improve your quality of sleep. This can enable a person to get along on very little sleep. Naturally, the first goal will be to determine how much sleep you will require. People’s sleeping needs are not the same, some will require more and other less. The suggestion that people need eight hours of sleep a night is merely a guideline. We also know that too much sleep is not good for a person.

Everyone can enjoy quality sleep

It is possible to get rid of bad sleeping habits. There are many things which a person can do in order to improve their quality of sleep. They can eventually reach a point where they may get along with less sleep. There will no longer be those minutes spend tossing and turning. Instead sleep will come quickly and it will be of a higher quality. So much has been said about the dangers when people get too little sleep. However, it is just as harmful when people get too much sleep. Studies have already shown that quality of sleep is always a lot better than quantity sleep. With quality sleep, a person will always feel rested and restored. The question is how to proceed? It will be important to carefully analyze your sleeping time. You also need to discover when is the best time for you to turn in. There are many excellent applications available today which can be of great help. It is simply not sufficient to say that you are sleeping eight hours a night when most of that time is spent tossing and turning. You may only be getting three hours of sleep. Likewise, there will be a very little benefit when going to bed earlier and the quality of your sleep is not good.

Dealing with your sleeping problems

All of those people suffering from insomnia knows how terrible this condition is. Not only will they be constantly tired during the day but they also have to get through all of those hours waiting for the sun to rise. Artificial intelligence in the form of the Insomnobot-3000 is now attempting to deal with those sleeping issues. This chatbot has been designed by a mattress manufacturer known as Casper. This is a company who has a lot of experience with sleeping times and sleeping patterns. This is why their chatbot can really help insomnia sufferers to get through those sleepless nights. Everyone making use of an Insomnobot-3000 will know that the system only operates between 2300 and 0500 in the morning. It will be like having a fellow insomniac with you in bed who can share the misery of a sleepless night with you. The chatbot is connected to a phone number which allows the user to send a text message and they will then receive a response. Surely most people who tried it will agree: Insomnobot-3000 is a wonderful companion for people suffering from insomnia.

Some nights are more difficult than others

It can happen that insomniacs get one or two nights a week when they simply cannot fall asleep. This is why Casper decided to do something about the problem. This resulted in the Insomnobot-3000 which is then becoming a friend to that person who cannot sleep. Although there is certainly a lot of room for improvement there are already many benefits. There is a lot of data which has to be analyzed by the chatbot. Fortunately, new technologies are emerging every day and more options are becoming available. The Insomnobot-3000 is very similar to a marketing chatbot. There is a quickly developing relationship between a person with insomnia and the chatbot. The same thing can be seen with marketing chatbots as they interact with consumers.

My final thoughts:

As a chatbot platform, I think we at SnatchBot would love to see more similar solutions from bot developers, ultimately so that we can sell this on our chatbot marketplace (AKA the botstore). Here you can read some of my feedback on chatbots for healthcare. Another good related read is this one: Why Avi Ben Ezra’s Chatbot Company SnatchBot is the Future of Digital Healthcare.

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