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Chatbot platforms that actually increase conversions

At SnatchBot, one of the KPI’s we are intensely focused on is human VS chatbot performance. Naturally things like ROI, customer satisfaction and conversion rates matter. Some of our clients run a pay per click budget of close to $650 000 per month and would never have embraced chatbots and AI if it did not improve conversion rates. Today I want to share with you ideas related to conversion in various industries.

Fast food enterprises and chatbots

Thousands of people have already placed online orders at places such as Starbucks. The reality is that your order is being taken by a chatbot. You have a choice as far as engagement is concerned. You may speak to the chatbot or you can type your message. You will then be informed by the chatbot when you can expect your order to be ready and also how much the cost will be. There are many other fast food enterprises making use of these technologies such as Pizza Hut. Their chatbot operates on the Facebook messenger and can likewise help consumers to order their favorite pizza. Not only will they assist consumers with their purchases but they will also promote currently available deals. There are many other examples of highly sophisticated AI chatbot solutions. Many modern businesses are now making use of chatbot strategies to significantly improve their inbound marketing strategies. One of the primary benefits of chatbot implementation is that it is providing the consumer with a remarkable experience. Your chatbot will be more than able to provide the customer with a range of interesting pieces of information.

A very apt chatbot definition

All of those efficient chatbots is simply software which has been designed in such a way that it is able to have conversations with human beings. When effectively utilized these AI entities is more than capable to guide your prospects along your company’s sales funnel. They will guide the customer from the moment of initial contact until the point where the decision is made to purchase. A chatbot can be encountered in many places such as on webpages, various apps and also on messaging platforms. The question which is now asked by many businesses is how should they proceed to acquire one for their business. A very important step will be to carefully analyze the needs of your business and to determine what exactly you want your chatbot to accomplish. It will also be necessary to do extensive research in order to see what is already available in the market and what is accomplished by all of those chatbots. This will provide you with a better idea of what is possible and what could potentially be accomplished with chatbot implementation at your business.

Meeting some sophisticated chatbots

There is the MobileMonkey chatbot platform which can be used to create chatbots. Such a successfully completed chatbot can be highly effective to optimize your Facebook messenger marketing. It is also entirely possible to use that chatbot to successfully manage a whole range of lead generation activities such as list building, drip campaigns, and chat blasts. Such a chatbot will also enable businesspeople to fully automate customer service. It will be possible to provide the answers to all of those frequently asked consumer questions. This can be done instantaneously and therefore there will be no waiting time for the consumer. If you have a business that still favors human interaction, it is possible to override your chatbot at any time and to engage with the consumer personally. There is also the highly sophisticated Chatfuel chatbot which can be used when it’s necessary to quickly and easily create a Facebook messenger chatbot. Using this platform, it becomes possible to quickly provide all of the answers which are required to answer commonly asked questions. This platform also makes it possible for the business owner to take over any conversation when you feel that your chatbot is not providing the best available answer needed in that particular circumstance. Many businesses have found this feature to be most useful because it provides them with an opportunity to personally speak to many customers and to provide them with that all-important personal contact which he so much appreciated by customers.


At SnatchBot, we recognize that many people make a contribution to our industry. Yet our R&D spend and dedication to the future, helped us to differentiate in a unique way. There are so many available chatbot platforms today. One example is the Flow XO platform which will make it possible for businesses to create a highly efficient chatbot without the need to learn any coding. This platform provides businesses with an editor which supports drag and drop processes. You can develop a chatbot which can then be connected to any platform which you consider to be suitable for the needs of your business. Another benefit of this platform is that it provides support for a wide range of third-party applications. This makes it possible to design chatbots which can be integrated with excellent services such as Twitter, Google sheets and salesforce.

We believe that by giving you access to some of the best bots on the marketplace – at our bot store, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution even if you do not want to recruit a bot developer. We make it easy to leverage AI, that is what SnatchBot is about!

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