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Chatbot integration with IOT: Artificial intelligence update

The rapid growth of the chatbot industry, fueled by, AI is astonishing. We recently discussed this technological advancement in relation to the American workforce. Here is how it will integrate with the Internet Of Things:

In the next two years, more than half of all enterprises will invest more on chatbots than they are currently spending on the development of conventional mobile applications. For those who still have doubts regarding chatbot implementation, this above statistics should be an eye-opener. Chatbots have repeatedly proven their worth. They are known to transform organizations and corporations. One of their outstanding benefits is their ability to improve interactions between businesses and their customers. Chatbots are sophisticated and intelligence entities which are able to interact with people by making use of Interfaces. For those conversations, they can make use of speech or text. A well-programmed chatbot has the ability to interpret consumer questions and they will also be able to respond to many questions. These intelligent entities will also be able to give recommendations on a wide variety of topics and they can do this in real time.

What about future implementation?

Statistics which is based on solid research indicate that in less than two years the average person will speak considerably more with chatbots then they will speak with the members of their own family. Statistics indicate that approximately 80% of all interactions will be with chatbots. There will be well-designed and sophisticated chatbots workflow which has been predefined. This can help with proper engagement and faster conversations can be facilitated. They can offer suggestions and answer a whole range of questions. They are widely used in many different industries where they had been proven to be highly effective. Chatbots can be successfully used to make bookings such as purchasing a railway or airline tickets. They will search for the best available options and they are also able to guide consumers through the entire process. Chatbots will also be able to book a place in a hotel the next time you’re going on vacation. In fact, these artificial intelligence entities can handle just about anything related to the traveling industry.

Chatbots are incredibly versatile

Your chatbot is more than able to order food for lunch. Therefore, it will not be necessary for the consumer to search through extended menus. There will also be no reason to bother with things such as reservations. Chatbots are sophisticated and they will always be friendly 24 hours a day and they can provide you with just about any information relating to restaurants. For those people who are in need of new clothes, you can have a chatbot which will be able to answer consumer questions and they will receive professional assistance from the chatbot until the purchase has been completed. It is no longer necessary to browse dozens of websites because all of these things can be done by chatbots and therefore the shopping experience could be significantly more satisfactory. These artificial intelligence entities are now invading other domains also. Wherever they go they consistently prove themselves to be effective and useful. This also applies to the Internet of things and software development. The possibilities are endless and there are many options available. Chatbot engines can now be successfully integrated into a variety of communications channels including things such as slack, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, Kik, Bing and also Skype for business. Chatbots can also be easily integrated into your business website.

Using a prearranged sequence

Whenever the chatbot is engaged by the consumer the following sequence will mostly be followed. There will be a greeting and exchange of information such as the name of the user and their contact information. The chatbot will then attempt to discover what the needs of the consumer are. There will then be an interaction where the chatbot will make use of preconfigured flows. The chatbot will also use natural language processing which will enable it to interpret the consumer requests and to deliver a solution where possible. This will be followed by a conclusion where the chatbot will say goodbye, alternatively, it will proceed to collect some feedback from the consumer. This can provide the business with valuable information on what could be done to improve the service or the product. Many chatbot experiments have already been conducted such as those involving the Microsoft bot framework and Microsoft cognitive services. There are several benefits when making use of these tools because it makes it possible to design and implement a chatbot in a matter of hours.

Those Microsoft tools

Although there are many other excellent chatbot production tools on the market the ones available from Microsoft is effective and also free. This includes the NLP or natural language processing platform which is free to use. There is also the use of IBM Watson which will allow people to visually model the interaction taking place between the human and the chatbot. Consumers will also have access to the tool. Microsoft architecture has the following components: There is the bot framework which is provided by Microsoft for the development of chatbots. Included in this framework is SDK for developing the bot conversation flow. Two programming languages are supported which is JavaScript and C#. Another component is the bot connector which is simply a kind of middleware which has been provided by Microsoft. This is enabling the chatbot to be successfully integrated with a variety of communication channels such as Bing, slack, Cortana, Facebook and Skype. This component also provides an API in order to allow interaction with the chatbot from a variety of applications even though they may be written in different technologies such as Python or Java.

Other necessary components

Another component is the Microsoft cognitive services which are provided by Microsoft. They make use of artificial intelligence to accurately process the input data. It is possible to make use of Microsoft language understanding services to be able to map the user input to the flows of the chatbot. As far as voice interaction is concerned Microsoft speech API has been used. The last component is channels. This is providing chatbot communication channels which is excellent. Very little configuration is needed, the only things to consider is the security keys which is used for authentication on the platform.

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